Six Sentence Sunday #2

31 07 2011

Hello!  For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, Six Sentence Sunday is where authors post six sentences from their work for your enjoyment!  Please make sure you visit the Six Sentence Sunday site and check out the other awesome authors!


My entry is from my current finished work, called Soul Mate. Its currently out on sub, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!



I lay down next to her, stroking her body, my fingers trailing over her breasts, down her belly to the patch of curls between her legs. She wiggled restlessly, and I cupped her sex in one hand.

“What you lack in suave lines, you make up for in practice.” She whispered, her voice breathy.

I chuckled, moving my hand away and stroking the inside of her thigh.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”




12 responses

31 07 2011
Sandra Sookoo

Nice! Things are about the heat up 🙂

31 07 2011
Lisa Fox

Very sexy! Good luck with the sub!!

31 07 2011
Cara Bristol

As they say, actions speak louder than words. Rather have a skilled hand than a smooth talker any day!

31 07 2011
Taryn Kincaid

Good luck with the sub!

31 07 2011
Jessica Subject

A sensual excerpt! Best of luck with the sub!

31 07 2011

Very sexy six! Good luck with this ms.

31 07 2011
Marie Dees

Hot six! *fans self*

31 07 2011

Sexy six. Good luck

31 07 2011
Stacey Kennedy

Good lucky on your submission!! Sexy snippet!! 🙂

31 07 2011
Sandy Nachlinger

Practice can be so much fun! This is a great snippet.

1 08 2011

Good luck with the subs. Practice makes perfect. 😛

5 08 2011
Moira Reid

Woot! Great six!

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