Six Sentence Sunday #3

7 08 2011

Hello!  For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, Six Sentence Sunday is where authors post six sentences from their work for your enjoyment!  Please make sure you visit the Six Sentence Sunday site and check out the other awesome authors!

My entry is from my current finished work, called Soul Mate, which will be coming out soon from Decadent Publishing! Enjoy!

His hands stroked slow circles over my back. I relaxed against him, enjoying the feel of his body against mine. A million different fantasies played through my head, some mine, some picked up from my brush against his thoughts. Though I’d probably never get to enact any of them, as I’d probably die of heart failure when he took off his shirt.

He chuckled and released my mouth. “No you won’t.”




11 responses

7 08 2011

Great snippet – and I have special appreciation for the term soul mate – so they can read each other’s minds eh?

7 08 2011
Zee Monodee

Lol – he read her mind too? Great six!

7 08 2011

Oooh, I liked this – their verbal and non-verbal interaction – great six!

7 08 2011

That’s great! Clean writing and it made me laugh. Did she expect him to be able to read her thoughts?

7 08 2011
Savanna Kougar

Luv it… ooh, a man who can read her thoughts… so good, and maybe not… ah, the plot thickens, and so does he…

7 08 2011
Marie Dees

Oh, that’s a nice scene. And I love the way he responds to her thoughts.

7 08 2011
Verna Clay

Love your choice of words, “brush against his thoughts.” The last sentence is simple, yet pulls the scene together beautifully. I very much enjoyed your snippet .

7 08 2011

Oooh, can they read each other’s minds? Intriguing snippet!

7 08 2011
Sandy Nachlinger

Oh, this is fun! I love that he can read her thoughts. Maybe he can fulfill her fantasies too?

7 08 2011
Sondra Carr

That’s a real “Gotcha” ending. Good six.

7 08 2011
Jessica Subject

The last line completed the package and pulled me in. I can’t wait to read this story! Love the cover, too!

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