Six Sentence Sunday #4

14 08 2011

Hello!  For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, Six Sentence Sunday is where authors post six sentences from their work for your enjoyment!  Please make sure you visit the Six Sentence Sunday site and check out the other awesome authors!

My entry is from my current finished work, called Soul Mate, which will be coming out soon from Decadent Publishing! Enjoy!


“Aren’t you getting a little warm in all those clothes?” He asked.

I couldn’t help the giggles that escaped.

He released me and stepped back. “What?”

“Wow. I assumed a vampire could come up with something a teensy less cheesy.”


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6 responses

14 08 2011
Marie Dees

Ah, poor vampires. All that time and you think they’d have a polished pickup line.

14 08 2011
Liz Culver

lol, she put him in his place. Nice six!

14 08 2011

Hey vampires are just men like anyone else – cheesy – nice snippet

14 08 2011
Jessica Subject

Very sassy! I look forward to reading more. 🙂

14 08 2011
Sandy Nachlinger

Really enjoying your humor. Even vampires can be clueless sometimes, I guess.

15 08 2011
Jayel Kaye

I think you’re right.

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