And we’re back!

14 11 2011

I can’t tell you how nice it is to get a note from someone saying they liked Soul Mate! Those are the moments authors really get giddy. So thank you!

I’ve also had the question about when the next book is coming out – I’m hoping the Dare will get picked up soon, since I’ll be sending it out this week on submission.

There is also another book set in the same “world” as Soul Mate, with new characters that (I hope) you’ll love. That one is still in the process of being written.

And there’s the scifi. Which is now two different scifi stories. And a third has been popping into my head at inappropriate moments. I don’t know why scifi has become so prevalent all the sudden, but I’ll go with it. At least for now.

In the meantime, I have to get ready for Thanksgiving. Its crazy how close the holidays are coming. I’m so not ready for it!

Stay tuned, by the way. There will be several guests coming to stop by the blog over the next couple months!


Six Sentence Sunday #4

14 08 2011

Hello!  For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, Six Sentence Sunday is where authors post six sentences from their work for your enjoyment!  Please make sure you visit the Six Sentence Sunday site and check out the other awesome authors!

My entry is from my current finished work, called Soul Mate, which will be coming out soon from Decadent Publishing! Enjoy!


“Aren’t you getting a little warm in all those clothes?” He asked.

I couldn’t help the giggles that escaped.

He released me and stepped back. “What?”

“Wow. I assumed a vampire could come up with something a teensy less cheesy.”


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Soul Mate has a home!!!!

1 08 2011

Soul Mate has been accepted for the 1 Night Stand line at Decadent Publishing!!!!

I’ve approved a cover, and when I get the final copy, I will be sure to post it so you can all see!