The Dare – editing

On Grace Fuller’s thirtieth birthday, things aren’t looking good. She’s in an average job, living in an average apartment and with no love life to speak of. After a night of drunken revelry with friends reveals that Grace hasn’t so much as kissed a man in over eight years, her best friend makes it her mission to turn Grace’s life around. But even she couldn’t have dreamed up the wild night that ensues.


Division (Working Title) – in progress

Mallory Hanover isn’t your average female. She’s been born on this side of the Division, and she knows she’s destined for a Triad. The markings prove it. But she refuses to be bought and sold like a whore. So she takes matters into her own hands, and leaves her city.

Cathers and Haven Garroane are twins, and they’ve been living outside of the city of Trillium since an attack killed their family and was covered up by the government. Wanted men, they now help people escape the rigid rules of society. They’d just about given up hope of finding a mate to complete their Triad.

Until a runaway stumbles upon their camp….


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